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Why Us?

You may have seen some other “financial markets advisory”  websites. What makes us different?

We have seen the rise & bust of stocks b/n year 1999 to till date. One thing that is common all along the years whether it’s a BULL rally OR BEAR fall, CHARTS show the path of SMART Money.

We try to catch the path of SMART Money whether it’s a BULL market or BEAR market.

By SMART Money we mean the big players like Institutions, Mutual fund managers, Fund Managers …. we believe that one of the best way to follow the path of SMART money is by analyzing chart. If one can get hold of the direction of SMART money, then money can be made easily.

We are here to catch the path of the SMART Money, so that you can make money.

We thank you for visiting our website. We suggest you to try our TRIAL membership & see for yourself if our methods work or not.



1. Charts DON’T have emotions like we humans do. 

2. We generally tend to take a stance, like the stock is a good buy or sell. There is a huge EGO part attached to the stock, once you make a decision. And this is where we may go wrong.


If there is BIG money coming in to stock it will go up or vice versa. So, why challenge the BIG money? There is a high probability of loss if you challenge the BIG money. Chart clearly shows how the BIG money is influencing the stock.

We are here to catch that Buy or Sell of “Big Institutions” and follow their path until it’s time to get out of a position.



Recent Analysis

Kumar analyzed AAPL stock in April 2013 in response to my request, as I was invested in Apple stock then. His analysis was 100% on the money & that helped me to decide on my next steps. I highly recommend his service for any kind of investor/trader.

Investor in USA, March 2015

Kumar provided some valuable insight to a stock (TSRO) I was considering buying. Thank you Kumar!

Investor in USA, April 2015

Thank you Kumar for your advice not to invest money in WFM in November 2013. I thought this would be a good opportunity to get my daughter started in stocks, but it would not have been a pleasant beginning. The stock has never been as high as it was when I was considering it. It has continued to decrease over the past year. It started at 59 and fell to 38 in a few months. I should have invested in MSFT as you recommended which has gone from 38 to a recent price of 49.

Diane Z
Investor in USA ,December 2013

Thank you Kumar for sharing your views on Gold. As I recall you predicted this well in advance around 8 years back that gold will have a dream run, and you are damn right. I realize some of us didn't buy that theory at that time initially, but soon enough realized the true potential of gold and started purchasing from then on and made good handsome profits. Truly appreciate your advice on gold even today.

Suresh .N, USA (September 2012)
Long Term Investor in India

Kumar's analysis of the market and even a particular Stock are very accurate. He told me about J.P. associates turning point and that what exactly happened. I'm very impressed and thankful.

Salil C, USA (October 2012)
Long Term Investor in India

Kumar gave advice on VGUARD Industries, I followed him exactly, I dont have enough time to look at it everyday, but his timely updates helped me, more over his advice was accurate

Joy Sebastian, India (September 2012)
A casual investor, India